Monday, November 9, 2009

Third Asian Indoor Games concludes in Hanoi

The third Asian Indoor Games (AIG) lowed the curtain on Sunday after the ten-day competitions in 21 sports.

Malaysia concludes in 15th spot in the medal tally, with 3 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze medals at the third Asian Indoor Games,

China topped the gold medal tally with 48 golds, followed by host Vietnam with 42 golds and Kazakhstan 21.

Timothy Tsun Ting Fok, Vice President of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), said at the closing ceremony that Vietnam has made the3rd AIG a success. He is impressed by the warm hospitality of Vietnamese people, especially the volunteers.

Nguyen Danh Thai, vice president of the organizing committee of the 3rd AIG said athletes have demonstrated fine sportsmanship in the ten-day competitions. Asia is to embrace a greater future of sports, he said.

The 3rd AIG drew 43 countries and regions. The games include track and field, short course swimming, dancing, boxing, chess, shuttlecock, billiards and snooker, computer games and many others.



1. Team's Southern Lion Optional Exercise (Dragon & Lion Dance)

2. Shamsuddin Ahmad Saiful Lubis - Pencak Silat, Men's Single Tunggal

3. Jamari Mohd Al Jufferi - Pencak Silat, Men's Class E


1. Men's Team - Bowling

2. Women's Double - Bowling

3. Team's Dragon Dance Optional Exercise - Dragon & Lion Dance

4. Team's Northern Lion Optional Exercise - Dragon & Lion Dance

5. Bakri Mahani - Pencak Silat, Women's Class B


1. Women's Double - Bowling

2. Women's Team - Bowling

3. M Nasir Muhammad Faizul - Pencak Silat, Men's Class B

4. Rahim Amir Ikram - Pencak Silat, Men's Class C

5. Abdullah Azrul - Pencak Silat, Men's Class H

6. Mohamed Nasir Siti Rahmah - Pencak Silat, Women's Class D

7. Women's Team Regu - Pencak Silat

8. Abd Razak Mohamad Syafiq - Men's Single Petanque


Friday, November 6, 2009

Second GOLD from Pencak Silat !

Malaysian pencak silat athlete Shamsuddin Ahmad Saiful Lubis added a GOLD to the country's medal tally at the Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam on Friday. According to the event's official website,, on Friday,Shamsuddin Ahmad Saiful Lubis won GOLD in the pencak silat Men's Single Tunggal event.

The Malaysian pencak silat squad has so far also contributed 5 bronze medals.

Men's Class B (>50kg to 55kg) - M Nasir Muhammad Faizul
Men's Class C (>55kg to 60kg) - Rahim Amir Ikram
Men's Class H (>80kg to 85kg) - Abdullah Azrul
Women's Class D (>60kg to 65kg) - Mohamed Nasir Siti Rahmah

and Women's Team Regu - Noor Marina, Siti Nur Eyisah and Suzy Sulaiman.

Malaysian Petanque athlete Abd Razak Mohamad Syafiq also added a bronze to the country's medal tally today in the event Men's Single.

Malaysia is currently in 13th spot in the medal tally, with 2 gold, 3 silver and 7 bronze medals at the third Asian Indoor Games, which run until Nov. 8

Name Ahmad Saiful Lubis Shamsuddin
Country Malaysia
Date of Birth 19 DEC 1986

Height 172 cm

Sport Pencak Silat
Residence Kuala Lumpur

Back-up squad take the lead in Asian Indoor Games

PETALNG JAYA: After disappointing performances in the singles and doubles events, the boys from the national back-up squad showed promise in the team event when they took the lead in the first block of three games at the Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam yesterday.

Mohd Syafiq Ridhwan Abdul Malek, Kang Bo Long, Kelvin Keong and Rodson Tong put Malaysia in front with a combined score of 2,763 pinfalls ahead of Japan (2,178).

Bo Long started off with lines of 269-233-215 for a 717-three-game score. Rodson, however, was slightly off the mark with lines of 212-227-185 for a 625 total.

Kelvin then put Malaysia further in front with his total of 651 (232-215-204) before Syafiq extended their lead with a 770 total (247-268-255).

“I just enjoyed my game today and I hope to bowl the same way on short oil tomorrow,” said Syafiq.

In the girls’ competition, Malaysia’s Fatin Syazliana Adi Nasution, Tengku Emanina Laily Tengku Zahri, Sharon Koh and Sin Li Jane down a total 2,474 pins to sit in third place behind leaders South Korea (2593) and Japan (2488).

Fatin rolled down 603 pins (207-203-193) and Tengku Emanina 604 pins (194-211-199).

Southpaw Sharon put on a stellar show to fire lines of 221-195-233 for a 649 total while Li Jane had lines of 213-202-203 for a 618 total.

The second block of three games will be held today and only the top four teams will advance to the knockout stages tomorrow. THE STAR

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some cheer in Vietnam thanks to Li Jane and Fatin

PETALING JAYA: After a string of poor results in the singles event, the national back-up bowlers finally bagged a silver and a bronze in the doubles event of the Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam yesterday.

Sin Li Jane and Fatin Syazliana Adi Nasution were denied the gold medal when they lost 393-432 to the South Korean combination of Son Yun-hee-Jeon Eun-hee in the final.

Saviours: Sin Li Jane partnered Fatin Syazliana (inset) to earn a silver medal in the doubles event at the Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam yesterday.

Earlier in the semi-finals, Sharon Koh-Tengku Emanina Laily Tengku Zahri had to settle for the bronze after losing to Li Jane-Fatin 365-407.

With the medals won thus far, the team have equalled their previous medal tally achieved at the Macau Asian Indoor Games in 2007 when Zatil Iman Abdul Ghani took the silver medal in the singles event and the women’s team bagged the bronze.

In the singles competitions on Sunday, both the boys and girls failed to make the cut for the knockout stages.

The best Malaysian performer was Rodson Tong, who finished ninth with lines of 233-208-204-215-237-212 for a total of 1309.

Mohd Syafiq Ridhwan could only muster a total score of 1275 for 16th place, Kang Bo Leong (1252) 26th spot and Kelvin Keong (1165) 44th place.

In the girls’ competition, Sharon finished with a total score of 1171 to end up in 14th place. Fatin (1157) was 17th, Li Jane (1128) 32nd and Tengku Emanina (1100) 35th.

Bo Leong-Kelvin and Rodson-Syafiq also failed to finish in the top eight to qualify for the knockout stages of the boys’ doubles competition on Tuesday when they finished in 21st and 23rd places respectively.

“Their performance was below par in the singles event as most of them were nervous during the game,” said team coach Ben Heng. “They made unnecessary mistakes which proved costly.”

Ben said the girls finally got their act together to put up a solid performance in the doubles event.

“I hope they can continue with the momentum in the team event tomorrow (today) and bring back a gold medal,” he said.

The bowlers will play two blocks of three games over two days before advancing to the elimination round on Saturday. STAR

First GOLD medal for TEAM MALAYSIA!

The Dragon & Lion Dance (Southern Lion) team has won the first gold for the Malaysian contingent in (Optional Exercise) Competition.

Below is the results and the ranking from 1st to 4th Placing.

Date 04 NOV 2009
1st Placing - MALAYSIA ( Points - 9.290)
2nd Placing - CHINESE TAIPEI ( Points - 9.200)
3rd Placing - THAILAND (Points - 9.090) 4th Placing - INDONESIA (Points - 8.210)


Bowling Women Doubles strikes for Silver & Bronze!

Bowling Women Doubles Sin Li Jane & Fatin Syazliana Adi Nasution has won the 2nd Placing (Silver Medal in the competiton) and Koh Suet Lian & Tengku Emanina Laily has won the 3rd Placing (Bronze Medal in the competiton).

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Second Silver medals for Team Malaysia

The Malaysian Northern Lion Team has won the second medal (silver) in the BeiShi (Optional Exercise) Competition.

Below is the results and the ranking from 1st to 3rd Placing.

Date 03 NOV 2009
1st Placing - CHINESE TAIPEI ( Points - 9.290)
2nd Placing - MALAYSIA ( Points - 8.120)
3rd Placing - THAILAND (Points - 8.090)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bowling - Results Women's Singles

It was a day of an uninspiring performance by our women's
team in the Women's Sngles event today. Malaysia's Fatin
Syazliana gave a glimpse of hope when she reeled a
satisfactory 1st series of 184, 235 & 184 for a 603
sub-total to stay in contention on 4th place. The 20 years
old Fatin suffered a hiccup in the 4th game with 166 and
recovered with a 210 in her 5th game. At this point, Fatin
was on 9th place, the sole Malaysia's fore-runner for a
quarter-Finals berth with just a mere 3 pins difference
from 8th positioned opponent . Despite delivering solid
pocket balls, Fatin did not have enough revolutions to
carry 10 pin in her 6th game and ended with a split last
frame to register a poor 178 total. Her combine total of
1157 pushed her down to 17th position.

South-paw, Sharon Koh made a late rally but was not good
enough and has to settle for a 14th position with line of
192, 214, 168, 173, 199 & 225 for a 1175 aggregate.

Sin Li Jane was a pale shadow of herself and put up a
passive performance to post lines of 182, 160, 198, 205,
204, & 179 for a 1128 composite to be tied in 31st position.

Debutant, Tengku Emanina Laily was rather nervy as she
struggled with a roller-coaster lines of 212, 144, 190,
161, 204 & 189 for a 1100 total and ended on 35th position.

The Men's Doubles event is scheduled tomorrow at 09:00am and
13:30pm featuring our Malaysian pairs of Syafiq Ridhwan
partnering Rodson Tong and the pair of Kang Bo Long & Kelvin
Keong respectively.

BC Cheah

First medal from Malaysian Dragon Team! - for TEAM MALAYSIA

The Malaysian Dragon Team has won the first medal (silver) in the WuLong (Optional Exercise) Competition.

Below is the results and the ranking from 1st to 4th Placing.

Date 02 NOV 2009
1st Placing - CHINA ( Points - 9.280)
2nd Placing - MALAYSIA ( Points - 9.170)
3rd Placing - INDONESIA (Points - 9.050)
4th Placing - THAILAND(Points - 9.040)

TEAM MALAYSIA: Dragon Dance Optional Exercise

Sim Chee Ming
Teo Guan Hock
Soo Hao Jie
Wong Swee Wai
Ng Tong Lin
Chai Wee Yee
Pook Wei Hong
Pook Wei Li
Soo Yon Fook
Chuah Yong Terk
Chai Yoong Liang

Congratulations...! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Monday, November 2, 2009

3rd Asian Indoor Games opens in Vietnam

3rd Asian Indoor Games – Report from Hanoi of the Opening Ceremony on 30th October.

The Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Asian Indoor Games (AIG) took place in the My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam, on the 30th October with participation of athletes from 43 countries and regions.

The March Past of the athletes and officials of each country was fully supported and well received by the big crowd in the stadium. Participation in the ceremony consisted of the President of the Social Republic Vietnam Nguyen Minh Triet, Deputy Prime Ministers, Heads of Committees of the Games, International delegations, Leaders of the Olympic Council of Asia, officials, representatives of the 43 participating nations special guests with estimated 5,000 government officials, coaches and referees.

The torch of the Games was lit by three typical faces of Vietnamese Sports namely: Bui Thi Nhung (Gold Medal of Indoor Athletics in Asia), Nguyen Tien Cuong (World Indoor Shuttlecock), Nguyen Tiet Cuong (Gold Medal of Indoor Archery in Asia) in the Stadium with the applause of the spectators and athletes.

The Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Mr.Hoang Tuan Anh Head of the Games Organizing Committee delivered the welcome speech. He hoped the event could contribute to the solidarity, cooperation and development of Asia.

The President of the Olympic Council of Asia Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah also spoke and in his speech he expressed the hope that the athletes could perform to their best at the AIG and demonstrate sports friendship.

The Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet announced the official opening of the games.
The theme for this year’s Games is "For a Rising Asia ". There are more than 2,500 athletes competing for 242 gold medals in 21 sports. The Games include Indoor Track and Field, DanceSport, Chess, Tenpin Bowling, Billiards, Computer games and many others. China sent a team of 128 athletes to take part in 13 sports at the Games.

The Opening Ceremony ended with a pledge on behalf of the participating athletes and referees followed by a great performance of 59-minute of a three-chapter festival directed by Peoples’ Artist, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr Le Tien Tho. The performances depicted ‘The Sports Festival of the Youth’, ‘The Vietnamese Cultural Identity’’ and “Asia during the Period of Integration and Development’. There were 5,000 performers and students from Hanoi professional athletics as well as performing arts institutions.

The Opening Ceremony ended with an impressive firework display and everyone went back feeling good and ready for the competitions to begin.

(Moira Tan from Hanoi)

Latest from Team Bowling!

Our young Malaysian team took to the lanes for the official
practice session at 10:00am this morning. AFter the 2 hours
official practice session, our coaches, Ben Heng and Allan
CHia were pleased wth our young bowlers adaption to the
oiling conditions of the lanes. Ben Heng was satisfied with
the attitude of our bowlers towards the lane approach
whilst Allan commented on their well disciplined in
preparing their bowling equipment prior to their practice
session. Ben believed our young charges would be able to
finish on the podium if they sustain their mental focus on
the game.

The Men's Singles event shall witness our young southpaw
rookie, Rodson Tong making his championship' debut with
Syafiq Ridhwan in the first squad at 09:00am whilst Kang Bo
Long and Kelvin Keong would be on the lanes in the 2nd
squad at 13:30 hours. The Women's Singles event is
scheduled on 02 Nov. 2009 at 09:00am.

At the Team Managers' meeting held yesterday, a record
entry of 20 countries confirmed their participation with 18
full Men's teams and 12 full Women's teams.

BC Cheah

Results of the Malaysian Men & Women's Futsal Team competition on 30th October 2009


Women's Futsal Group A
30 OCT 2009

Match No. 6
Results : Vietnam 3 Malaysia 0

Goals Scored:


Match No. 8
Results : Malaysia 1 Jordon 3

Goals Scored:
Ahmad Aqel (JOR) 32' , Ahmad Arab (JOR) 38' , Mohd Ruzaley Abd Aziz (MAS) 39' ,
Samer Naser Aldeen (JOR) 40'

Friday, October 30, 2009

Games ceremony set to impress

Asian gold medalist Bui Thi Nhung will carry the flame to light the Asian Indoor Games (AIG) torch at the opening ceremony in My Dinh Stadium on October 30.

The top women’s high jumper will march with the flame from President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum along Hanoi’s main streets before approaching the stadium.

Organiser said the opening ceremony will impress the over 40,000 participants of the biggest indoor games in Asia.

The AIG traffic sub-committee has mobilised over 500 cars and buses for the events in Hanoi alone. They will in charge of traffic control on the roads around venues to keep streets free of traffic jams during the 10-day competition.

The organizing committee has successfully tested the information system for the Games at 27 venues in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong and Quang Ninh.- VOVNEWS

Thursday, October 29, 2009

AIG’s flag hoisting ceremony opens

The flag hoisting ceremony for sports delegations taking part in the third Asian Indoor Games (AIG) took place at Olympics Square, in Ha Noi’s My Dinh National Stadium yesterday.

As planned, the ceremony for the 41 countries and territories that will compete at the 10-day event will last for three days, through tomorrow.

The flag raising ceremony for the Viet Nam team was held yesterday afternoon with the participation of the nation’s most outstanding athletes.

Viet Nam will compete at the Games with the aim of reaching eighth place in the overall medal tally, with 15-20 gold medals. - VNS

Health board to prepares for AIG

The third Asian Indoor Games’ Doping Test and Health Board has established 53 ad hoc groups to work the event at gymnasiums, press centres and hotels.

Each group includes two doctors, two nurses and one driver who will work 24 hours a day.

The Doping Test and Health Board has set up projects to prevent an H1N1 flu pandemic.

As far as doping is concerned, around 500 samples will be taken, instead of the usual 200. - VNS

Losses thwart home team : Vietnam 2 - 8 Malaysia

HCM CITY — Viet Nam futsal’s desire to win a medal for the first time at a continental competition suffered a major setback when home teams were hammered by the Malaysians and the Thais.

Viet Nam men’s team lost 8-2 to Malaysia in the opener at the men’s futsal event at the third Asian Indoor Games, yesterday in HCM City.

Viet Nam, the runners-up at the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Futsal Championship four months ago, started off well with an opener only two minutes into the first half, after Malaysian goalkeeper Mohd Hafis Awang allowed Quan to control the ball and tap it in.

However, Malaysia stayed calm and brought the heat. The home team’s hastiness in widening the score exposed many lethal openings in their defence to Malaysia, who opted to defend in Only three minutes later, Muizzudin Mohd Haris converted a cross from Mohd Ruzaley Abdul Aziz to put Malaysia ahead 2-1 before the break.

With the difference of only one goal, nearly 2,000 home fans waited for a comeback in the second half from the home team, but things just went from bad to worse.

Malaysia continued to punish Viet Nam when Jamhuri Zainuddin and Qaiser Heshaam Abdul Kadir scored a goal each just four minutes into the second half to make the score 4-1.

Pattaya decided to take risks by replacing goalkeeper Dang Phuoc Anh with a fifth player, but the change proved fatal when Malaysian skipper Addie Azwan Zainal took full advantage of the empty goal to add two, putting Malaysia in the clear 6-1.

Quan brought home another goal, but Muizzudin Mohd Haris and Mohd Ruzaley Abdul Aziz each scored again to secure a brutal 8-2 victory.

To have a place in the quarter finals, Viet Nam must win against Bahrain and Jordan in their remaining matches.

On the women’s side, the Viet Nam team also lost 6-1 to the Thai women in the opener at the third Asian Indoor Games yesterday at Tan Binh Gymnasium.

The Thai team proved too strong for the home team, who were buoyed by thousands of young students cheering them on.

Sasicha Phothiwong tapped in a cross from Siranya Srimanee on the left wing to open the score four minutes inside the first half, and Orathai Srimanee collected the ball from Siranya’s corner to drive home another just two minutes later. — VNS

Official Result of the Malaysian Futsal team. - 3rd AIG Hanoi 2009


1. Player No. 5 (Nurul Aishah Mohd Nor) scored 1st goal at 35th Minute (Second Half)
2. Player No. 6 (Shahila Yunus) scored 2nd Goal at 39th minute (Second Half)

Results: Jordan 5 Malaysia 2

*next game group B, Malaysia vs. Vietnam (Friday) dan Thailand (Sunday).


1. Player No. 7 (Addie Azwan Zainal) - 2 goals
2. Player No. 9 (Qaiser Heshaam Abdul Kadir - 2 goals
3. Player No. 11 (Muizuddin Mohd Haris) - 2 goals
4. Player No. 8 (Mohd Ruzaley Abd Aziz) - 1 goal
5.Player No. 13 (Jamhuri Zainuddin) - 1 goal

Results: Malaysia 8 Vietnam 2

*next game for Group C, Malaysia vs. Jordan (Friday) dan Bahrain (Sunday).

Heartbeat of the 3rd AI Games

Located at the Hanoi Exhibition and Fair Center, the Operations Center of the 3rd AI Games was officially put into operation on the 24th of October, 2009. The Center has many functional rooms and offices: a Conference room, Sport Techinical Sub-committee, Reception and Protocol Sub-committee, Logistics and Public Services, Transportation Sub-committee and Information Technology and Communication Sub-committee offices.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AIG III: Cabaran skuad futsal negara bermula

SKUAD futsal lelaki dan wanita kebangsaan akan turun beraksi pada perlawanan pertama mereka pada temasya Sukan Dalam Dewan Asia 2009 (AIG III) di Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam petang ini.

Skuad lelaki yang dibimbing P. Balakrishnan akan bertemu Vietnam pada aksi sulung Kumpulan C pada pukul 5 petang ini (waktu Malaysia) sebelum turun menentang Jordan (Jumaat) dan Bahrain (Ahad).

Malaysia perlu menamatkan saingan peringkat kumpulan di dua tangga teratas untuk mara ke suku akhir, pencapaian yang dicatat pada edisi sebelumnya di Macau pada 2007.

Skuad wanita pula yang dibimbing Chiew Chun Yong bakal turun pada perlawanan sulung dalam Kumpulan B bertemu Jordan pada pukul 5 petang ini (waktu Malaysia) sebelum menentang Vietnam (Jumaat) dan Thailand (Ahad).

Dua pasukan teratas Kumpulan A dan B terus layak ke separuh akhir kerana kategori wanita disertai lapan pasukan.

Skuad lelaki negara dianggotai tiga tonggak senior, Addie Azwan Zainal, Fadhil Yusoff dan Jamhuri Zainuddin serta pemain-pemain lain iaitu Firdaus Razali, Safar Mohamad, Ruzaley Abd. Aziz, R. Deventhiran, Fairus Mohd. Noor, Muizzudin Haris, Qaiser Heshaam Kadir dan Fadzil Karnim.

Turut disenaraikan tiga muka baru iaitu Khairul Rizuan Harif Pagilah, Hafis Awang dan Khairil Effendy Bahrin.

Skuad wanita negara pula menampilkan enam pemain dari skuad Sukan SEA 2007 iaitu Nor Diana Hamid, Shahila Yunus, Farahiyah Ridzuan, Noor Asyikin Mohamad Noor, Siti Norazizah Jamal dan Nurul Aishah Mohd. Nor.

Baki lapan lagi pemain terdiri daripada Denisa Khoo Fern Ying, Angela Kais, Rina Jordana Adnan, Steffi Sarge Kaur, Noorha- yanti Salleh, Rebecca Jane Harding, Farhana Abdullah dan Nor Faizah Md. Akair.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

AIG III: Skuad futsal negara sasar pusingan kedua

SKUAD futsal lelaki dan wanita kebangsaan meletakkan sasaran untuk melepasi saingan peringkat kumpulan pada temasya Sukan Dalam Dewan Asia 2009 (AIG III) di Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam yang akan bermula Rabu depan.

Pengurus skuad futsal kebangsaan, Hamidin Mohd. Amin berkata, skuad lelaki diharap sekurang-kurangnya mengulangi kejayaan ke suku akhir pada edisi 2007 di Macau manakala skuad wanita yang terkandas pada peringkat kumpulan ketika itu berpeluang cerah ke separuh akhir kali ini.

"Dua tahun lalu, skuad lelaki tewas kepada Uzbekistan pada suku akhir. Diharap kehadiran beberapa pemain baru dapat meningkatkan prestasi pasukan dan kita dapat memperbaiki rekod tersebut di Vietnam nanti.

"Bagi skuad wanita pula, mereka telah mendapat bebe- rapa pemain baru yang berkualiti dan akan digabung dengan beberapa senior dari skuad Sukan SEA 2007.

"Saya lihat prestasi mereka kini lebih mantap," katanya pada sidang media di Hotel Hilton, Petaling Jaya malam kelmarin.

Pada AIG III nanti, skuad lelaki negara yang diundi dalam Kumpulan C akan bertemu Vietnam pada 28 Okto- ber diikuti Jordan (30 Okto- ber) dan Bahrain (1 November).

Dua pasukan teratas akan mara ke suku akhir.

Senarai 14 pemain lelaki dianggotai tiga tonggak senior, Addie Azwan Zainal, Fadhil Yusoff dan Jamhuri Zainuddin serta pemain-pemain lain iaitu Firdaus Razali, Safar Mohamad, Ruzaley Abd. Aziz, R. Deventhiran, Fairus Mohd. Noor, Muizzudin Haris, Qaiser Heshaam Kadir dan Fadzil Karnim.

Turut disenaraikan, tiga muka baru iaitu Khairul Rizuan Harif Pagilah, Hafis Awang dan Khairil Effendy Bahrin.

"Skuad kita kali ini ramai pemain muda. Mereka telah menampilkan prestasi yang amat baik sepanjang dua bulan latihan ini," kata jurulatih skuad lelaki, P. Balakrishnan.

Skuad wanita pula yang dibimbing Chiew Chun Yong diundi dalam Kumpulan B dan akan bertemu Jordan pada 28 Oktober, Vietnam (30 Oktober) dan Thailand (1 November).

Dua pasukan teratas akan layak ke separuh akhir.

Hanya enam pemain wanita dari skuad Sukan SEA 2007 masih dikekalkan iaitu Nor Diana Hamid, Shahila Yunus, Farahiyah Ridzuan, Noor Asyikin Mohamad Noor, Siti Norazizah Jamal dan Nurul Aishah Mohd. Nor.

Baki lapan pemain terdiri daripada tenaga baru iaitu Denisa Khoo Fern Ying, Angela Kais, Rina Jordana Adnan, Steffi Sarge Kaur, Noorhayanti Salleh, Rebecca Jane Harding, Farhana Abdullah dan Nor Faizah Md. Akair.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Futsal at the 2009 Asian Indoor Games

Futsal at the 2009 Asian Indoor Games will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Click HERE for more info.

Originating from traditional football, futsal is a team sport. That combinating of good skills and fast speed.

1. Date: from 30th October to 4th November.

2. Venue: Phu Tho Gymnasium (men) and Tan Binh Gymnasium (women) - Hochiminh City.

3. Events: Men and women.

Phu Tho Gymnasium (men)- Hochiminh City

Tan Binh Gymnasium (women) - Hochiminh City

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OCM To Send 150-Member Contingent For Asian Indoor Games

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 13 (Bernama) -- A 150 Malaysian contingent will participate in eight sports at the third edition of the Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam from Oct 30 to Nov 8.

The contingent, comprising 90 athletes and 60 officials, will be participating in the games that features 39 other countries.

The eight sports hosted are Dance sports, Indoor Petanque, Hoop Sepaktakraw, Indoor Kabaddi, Pencak Silat, Futsal (men and women), Dragon and Lion Dance (Dragon, Southern Lion, Northern Lion) and bowling.

Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) president Tunku Tan Sri Imran Tuanku Ja'afar said the contingent no specific gold medal target was set for the games as they were non-Olympic sports.

"Nevertheless, I hope the athletes competing in their respective sports will bring home some medals as it is an honour to represent Malaysia at an international event," said Tunku at the flag handing ceremony here on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Chef-de-Mission N Shanmugarajah said though there was no specific medal target, he believed the athletes would excel in the games.

The games will be staged at three cities in Vietnam, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Hai Duong.

Historically, the games came about when the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) raised the idea of an Asian Indoor Games in 2001, aimed at further promoting and arousing interest in sports activities among Asian people.

The first Asian Indoor Games was held in Thailand in 2005 and the second was hosted by Macao in 2007.


HCM City ready for indoor games

16:17' 13/10/2009 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – Preparations for the third Asian Indoor Games - the biggest sporting event of the year - are almost complete, the games' organising board in HCM City said.

Nguyen Hung, deputy director of the city's Department of Sports, Culture and Tourism, said that 10 competition venues and three practice venues had been fully equipped.

The city has also taken care of transportation and health issues. Hung said, adding that some streets would be resurfaced to make travelling to competition venues more convenient, and also that transport police would escort teams.

Nguyen Tuan Viet, head of the ceremony's sub-committee in HCM City, said that finishing touches were being made to the opening ceremony preparations.

An AIG park, which will open on October 29 and close on November 7, will display information relating to previous AIG Games, as well as information on HCM City's sports, economy and society.

The park will have an area for folk games, a stage with nightly programmes, a dining area offering international cuisine and an area for displaying made-in-Viet Nam products. The park will also have a model of Ha Long Bay.

The park will be fully finished on October 22, Viet said. Nguyen Hong, director of the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) in HCM City, which will be based at Phu Tho Gymnasium, said that finishing touches to the centre would be completed on October 26.

A campaign to collect two millions signatures in support of the Games was launched on Sunday in HCM City.

Sports fans across the country can sign the A2 book or go online at

Hoang Vinh Giang, vice head of the Games' organising committee, said 37 countries and territories would be coming to HCM City. The World Sports Corporation, the sponsoring consultant for the games' organising board, said major sponsors included Viet Nam Post and Telecommunication (VNPT), Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Corporation and Viet Nam Insurance Corporation (Bao Viet).

The Games in Viet Nam will be the last Asian Indoor Games. The sporting venue will later be combined with the Martial Arts Games and called the Asian Indoor-Martial Arts Games in 2004. Qatar, Bahrain and Turkmenistan are bidding to host the event.

VietNamNet/Viet Nam News

Monday, October 12, 2009

Indoor arena put to the test

HA NOI — Viet Nam will host an indoor athletics tournament at the 3,100-seat My Dinh Indoor Athletics venue from tomorrow.

The two-day event – a pre-Asian Indoor Games tournament – aims to test the new indoor sports complex in preparation for the games, to be held in Viet Nam for the first time, from October 30 to November 8.

Overseen by the Olympic Council of Asia and Asian Athletics Federation, this week’s event will attract the participation of Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, who will compete in running, high jump, long jump and shot-put.

Duong Duc Thuy, head of athletics section of the National Sports Administration, said some of Viet Nam’s top short and medium-distance runners would be absent from the event because they were in training for the main event. They included Southeast Asian Games gold medallists Vu Thi Huong, Truong Thanh Hang and Nguyen Dinh Cuong.

The new sports venue, located in the My Dinh Athletes Training Centre in western Ha Noi, is one of the most modern in the country and a landmark in the capital. It was built in preparation for the Asian Games.

It measures 31,000sq.m, will hold 3,000 spectators and accommodate 13 field and track events for the games.

The Asian Games events will be held in Ha Noi, HCM City, Hai Phong, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong and Quang Ninh.

The Asian Games are expected to attract over 4,000 athletes, coaches and officials from 45 countries and territories, who will compete in 20 official sports and one demonstration event. — VNS

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bowling / Asian Indoor Games: Holloway puts faith in youngsters

Ajitpal Singh

NATIONAL coach Holloway Cheah has opted for youth for the Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam on Oct 30-Nov 8.

The men's team consists national champion Syafiq Ridhwan, Kang Bo Long, Kelvin Keong and Rodson Tong while Sharon Koh, Sin Li Jane, Fatin Syazliana and Tengku Emanina Laily make up the women's team.

"I see the tournament as more beneficial to the development of the younger bowlers. It will provide them the needed experience and exposure to progress," said Holloway yesterday.

"I am doing this because I want to have more options ahead of next year's Guangzhou Asian Games and the Men's World Championships in Germany.

Syafiq Ridhwan is the most experienced bowler in the Asian Indoor men’s squad.
Syafiq Ridhwan is the most experienced bowler in the Asian Indoor men’s squad.

"However, those who make an impact at the Indoor Games will not necessarily be considered for the Asian Games and world meet. They need to impress in a few other tournaments first before being considered."

Syafiq is the most experienced bowler in the Asian Indoor men's squad, having won several international titles including last year's PBAB Bevida-Storm International Classic.

Sharon, as an elite squad member, will lead the women's team. The left-handed bowler won the Singapore Open title recently.

Meanwhile, Zulmazran Zulkifli, a two-time Malaysian Open champion and World Ranking Masters winner Siti Safiyah Amirah Abdul Rahman will be based in Malacca 10 days before the start of the AMF World Cup (Nov 14-21).

"We are starting early as it will help them adapt to the venue (Malacca International Bowling Centre (MIBC)."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Malaysia To Send 141-Member Contingent To Asian Indoor Games

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 26 (Bernama) -- Malaysia are expected to send a 141-member contingent for the 10-day Asian Indoor Games in Hanoi, Vietnam starting Oct 30.

Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) Honorary Secretary Datuk Sieh Kok Chi said the contingent would be made up of 73 men and 33 women athletes while the rest are officials.

"We will compete in eight of the 22 sports competed, namely petanque, sepak takraw hoop, kabbadi, silat, futsal, tenpin bowling, lion dance and dragon dance," he told Bernama when contacted on Wednesday.

The OCM has not set any target for the Games because sports competed in the Games were basically recreational sports while OCM's focus is on sports like SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics, said Kok Chi, adding that the expenses would be borne by the respective associations or in some cases, the National Sports Council (NSC).

"Sports associations that can effort may participate, but even then some sports will have their own focus and an idea of what games to participate.

"Like for example, the Malaysian National Cycling Federation's focus may be on the Olympics and different from the National Kabbadi Association's focus because the sport does not feature in many major games.

"So these types of sports will be eager to participate in such games. And for OCM, since there are more than 50 types of sports, some are recreational sports and we cannot focus on all the sports because the Olympics has only 26 sports," he said.

Meanwhile, commenting on news reports that venues for the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be hosted by New Delhi, India, Kok Chi said it was normal for host countries to face such situations due to various reasons, including financial.

"But I am confident India will be ready and the games will go on as scheduled," he said.

Indian media reports claimed that 13 of the 19 venues to be used for the Games were facing serious delays although the Games is just 14 months away.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

OCM To Determine Categories For SEA Games Bound Athletes

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 (Bernama) -- The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) are expected to determine the categories of entry for the 600 national athletes competing in the Laos SEA Games.

According to OCM Honorary secretary Datuk Sieh Kok Chi, the OCM would determine the category of the respective athletes after meeting the respective National Sports Associations (NSA) and the National Sports Council (NSC) tomorrow.

Athletes who qualify on merit or meet the qualifying mark set by the OCM would be listed under Category A whereby their expenses would be borne by OCM while the cost of sending those under Category B (those who do not meet the qualifying mark or border-line cases), would be borne by their respective NSA.

However, if an athlete under Category B wins a medal, his or her expenses would be reimbursed by OCM.

In the Laos SEA Games scheduled from Dec 9-18, Malaysia are taking part in 20 of the 25 sports hosted, namely aquatics, archery, athletics, badminton, billiard & snooker, boxing, cycling, football, golf, judo, karate-do, pencak silat, petanque, sepak takraw, shooting, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, weightlifting and wushu.

Meanwhile, Sieh said OCM had also decided that all athletes who would be participating in the 3rd Asian Indoor Games in Hanoi from Oct 30 to Nov 8, would be placed under Category B.

"The NSAs had agreed to foot their expenses," he said.

He added that the decision was made considering the fact that the Games was not a major competitive event and did not meet the criteria set by OCM and NSC.

OCM has approved the participation of 100 athletes for the Games and compete in eight sports - Hoop Sepak takraw, Shuttle Cock juggling, Kabadi, Futsal, Basketball 3 on 3, Pencak Silat, Dragon Dance and Petanque, he said.


Selection Meeting - 3rd Asian Indoor Games.

Selection of the Malaysian Contingents for the 3rd Asia Indoor Games and the 25th SEA Games – 28th and 29th July 2009 at OCM Boardroom, 1st Floor Wisma OCM, Kuala Lumpur, from 4.00 p.m.

Monday, March 30, 2009

10,000 walk for Indoor Games

More than 10,000 people participated in a walk in Ho Chi Minh City on March 29 to welcome the upcoming 3rd Asian Indoor Games (AIG) to be hosted by Vietnam this year for the first time.

Walkers wearing headbands and carrying the AIG flag paraded along a 2.5km route, from the Municipal Theatre to Dong Khoi, Ton Duc Thang, Nguyen Hue, Le Loi, Pasteur, Ly Tu Trong, then returned to the starting point.

Also on the occasion, Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, vice chairwoman of the municipal People’s Committee, received the AIG flag from the Vietnam Olympic Committee and the AIG organising board, officially launching the Games campaign in the city.

Ho Chi Minh City is one of six selected localities to host AIG events. It has 11 venues to hold 8 events and 6 others reserved for training.

March to promote 3rd Asian Indoor Games

HCM City, March 30 (VNA) – A march for a successful Asian Indoor Games (AIGs) and the development of Asia was held in HCM City on March 29, attracting 10,000 people.

Walkers carrying bands and slogans to promote the upcoming third annual games, to be held in Vietnam from October 30-November 8, departed from and finished at the city’s Opera House, traversing a 2.5km route through the city.

Deputy Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Thi Thu Ha received a flag symbolizing Vietnam ’s role in hosting the event from the Vietnam Olympic Committee, and officially launched a campaign to promote the competition.

HCM City is one of six localities in Vietnam selected to organise the games. (VNA)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Third Asian Indoor Games

Logo of the Games

The Logo is the logical, scientific and proper combination of the features, both strong and flexible, of the typical motifs of sports games in Vietnamlike the torch, the lotus and the symbol of the Olympic Council of Asia. The logo is the image of a torch created by flaming colorful petals, lighting up an ambiance, exciting and imposing, of a major sports event. The lotus, with the petals joined together like twisted hands, a symbol of solidarity, frendship and cooperation.
A flower with many colors also symbolizes the vigorous vitality and the records made by the athletes and participating sports delegations. The lotus is a symbol of beauty, the beauty of delicacy and simplicity, strongly imbued with the iddentity of Vietnamese culture. The logo of the Olympic Council of Asia is the image of a pistil, fresh and long lasting. It is also the red sunlight of victory and future-oriented development.

Mascot of the Games

The mascot of the 3rd Asian Indoor Games is the Ho Chicken, a distinctly Vietnamese rare breed of chicken. The Chicken is familiar with Vietnames people. According to folklore, the chicken, particularly the rooster, has the five qualities of a man of honor: literary, martial arts, physical strength, humanity and loyalty

The image of a Ho chicken rising himself to welcome the sun is like Vietnam’s sports industry’s readiness to welcome Asian sport.

Opening date:
30 October 2009

Closing date:
08 November 2009

Country of the host city:
Vietnam (VIE)

The 3rd Asian Indoor Games (AIG) will be held for the first time in Vietnam in the fall of 2009. This is a great sporting event, held exclusively by Asian countries for those sports that have not yet to get a chance to join continental and world arenas. The 3rd Asian Indoor Games will be held under the direct leadership of the Government with the participation of key sectors and mayors of Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minn City, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Bac Ninh. The 3rd Asian Indoor Games is expected to have 23 sports: indoor athletics, Pencak Silat, 25m -swimming, 50m- fin swimming, Dance Sport, sepak takraw, chess and Chiness, billiards & snooker, Sport Aerobics, futsal, Bowling, Muay, vovinam, indoor petanque, indoor archery,kurash, kabadi, 3 on 3 basketball, woment defence ( women boxing and wushu) and 1 demonstration sport : Jujitsu and belt wrestling ... The AIG is an indoor sporting event held every two years and has become a playground well known in the continent and the world. Vietnam's success in hosting the 22nd SEA Games, the APEC Summit, the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM Summit) and many other international activities has left positive impressions on friends around the world, in general, and in Asia, in particular. It is a vision of a Vietnam of peace, friendliness and hospitality with sports lovers. Welcome to our country in 2009, a beautiful country on the East Sea, to participate in the biggest indoor sporting event of the continent, the Asian Indoor Games 2009 to be held in Hanoi, a city of peace and some other cities and province.