Monday, November 2, 2009

Latest from Team Bowling!

Our young Malaysian team took to the lanes for the official
practice session at 10:00am this morning. AFter the 2 hours
official practice session, our coaches, Ben Heng and Allan
CHia were pleased wth our young bowlers adaption to the
oiling conditions of the lanes. Ben Heng was satisfied with
the attitude of our bowlers towards the lane approach
whilst Allan commented on their well disciplined in
preparing their bowling equipment prior to their practice
session. Ben believed our young charges would be able to
finish on the podium if they sustain their mental focus on
the game.

The Men's Singles event shall witness our young southpaw
rookie, Rodson Tong making his championship' debut with
Syafiq Ridhwan in the first squad at 09:00am whilst Kang Bo
Long and Kelvin Keong would be on the lanes in the 2nd
squad at 13:30 hours. The Women's Singles event is
scheduled on 02 Nov. 2009 at 09:00am.

At the Team Managers' meeting held yesterday, a record
entry of 20 countries confirmed their participation with 18
full Men's teams and 12 full Women's teams.

BC Cheah

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