Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First medal from Malaysian Dragon Team! - for TEAM MALAYSIA

The Malaysian Dragon Team has won the first medal (silver) in the WuLong (Optional Exercise) Competition.


Below is the results and the ranking from 1st to 4th Placing.

Date 02 NOV 2009
1st Placing - CHINA ( Points - 9.280)
2nd Placing - MALAYSIA ( Points - 9.170)
3rd Placing - INDONESIA (Points - 9.050)
4th Placing - THAILAND(Points - 9.040)


TEAM MALAYSIA: Dragon Dance Optional Exercise

Sim Chee Ming
Teo Guan Hock
Soo Hao Jie
Wong Swee Wai
Ng Tong Lin
Chai Wee Yee
Pook Wei Hong
Pook Wei Li
Soo Yon Fook
Chuah Yong Terk
Chai Yoong Liang


Congratulations...! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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